Skating Lessons

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Skating Lessons

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Led by veteran, professional staff members, skating lessons at Edgewood Skate Arena Inc are great for skaters of all ages! Whether interested in learning to jump and spin or simply making it around the rink, lessons here are ideal for local Lima, OH fun and fitness.

Lessons are the perfect way to get started in mastering some freestyle skating moves or simply improving general skating skills. With both group and private lessons available, there is a perfect level for people of all ages and abilities.

What Kinds of Lessons Are Available at Edgewood Skate Arena Inc?

Not sure which kind of roller skating lessons are right for you or your child? Here are some of the most popular kinds of group lessons and private lessons offered at the skating center:

Basic Skills Group Lessons—Basic skills lesson groups are divided by age and ability and teach the skater how to stand up, skate forward and backward, stop, and turn, and they may even progress into intermediate skills, depending on ability.

Dance Lessons—The beauty of dancing in motion is enticing and exciting! Great for couples or singles, dancing on roller skates is elegant. Skaters can pass tests to move up levels by following set patterns, executed to music, that utilize the whole rink.

Advanced Group Lessons—To master trickier moves such as Mohawks, three-turns, crossovers, and beyond, advanced group lessons are just right. These lessons are separated by age and ability when applicable.

Freestyle Classes—Ready to start spinning and jumping to new heights? Try out freestyle classes to feel the elegance and drama of the sport. Many skaters at this level participate in testing and competitions.

Private Lessons—At a certain point, a skater progresses to the point where private lessons are necessary to achieve the required individual attention. Private lessons can also be great for extreme beginners.

In or around Lima, OH and interested in learning how to skate? Contact Edgewood Skate Arena Inc to learn more about private and group skating lessons, skating styles, and pricing.

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