Roller Skating

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Roller Skating

Roller Skating | Edgewood Skate Arena Inc

Roller skating is the art of traveling around on eight wheels (four on each foot), simply put, but is so much more than just a mode of transportation! This activity and sport is popular the world over, and Edgewood Skate Arena Inc fully celebrates the art of roller skating. As the top facility in Lima, OH, they are proud to offer a range of skating lessons, activities, and events.

In the USA, roller skating has been popular since the 1930s and was especially trendy in the 1970s (remember those Disco-themed roller rinks?). A little known fact is that the first recorded use of roller skates was in 1743 when they were used in a London stage performance—though the name of the inventor is unknown.

Today, there are many types of roller skating and even competitive skating! Perhaps the most popular style of skating is artistic skating. People of all ages, from the very young to the very old, compete all over the country in events such as figure, dance, freestyle, and speed skating as well as with precision teams. Just as in ice-skating, skaters may compete in singles and pairs events.

Most commonly, roller skating is used as a fun leisure activity and as a mode of transportation. Looking to get started? Here are a few quick tips:

Start with the Right Equipment—It is important to start with the right set of equipment, which will build confidence and keep skaters safe even if they fall. Falling down is a part of learning! Basic safety equipment includes a helmet, wrist guards, and kneepads—and of course, a sturdy pair of skates!

Assume the Right Stance—An important part of any kind of skating is balance. Start with the feet shoulder-width apart and bend deeply at the knees. Lean forward just a touch for balance!

Start Slowly—There is no shame in holding on to the barrier or taking it extremely slowly. To start moving, walk like a ‘duck’, with the toes facing slightly outward, and the rolling will happen on its own.

Practice Gliding—Gliding means moving on the rolling wheels without pushing. Practice on two feet before trying it on one foot.

Practice Stopping—Roller skates generally have a break at the front or back of the skate to aid in stopping.

Have Fun!—The idea is to enjoy the experience, so smile, laugh off the stumbles and spills, and have fun!

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